Plant-based Packaging

Canned Food,
Two Centuries

A Better Option for Consumers, Pets, Companies, Retailers and the Planet.

Greener, Better Tasting, Shelf-Stable

Better for You and The Planet

Tetra Recart® is more than just a packaging solution. It’s a bold step towards a more sustainable and convenient future for food. 

This innovative carton-based package offers exceptional benefits for both producers and consumers, redefining what’s possible in the world of shelf-stable foods.

Available in 6 different sizes
Volumes: 100, 200, 340, 390, 440, 500 ml


BPA-free, the Tetra Recart Carton is made from paperboard and renewable, plant-based, and recyclable material from FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Lightweight and Long-Lasting

Easy to flatten, stack, ship, shelve, and store for up to 2-years.

Consumer and Retailer Friendly

Stackable, easy tear-off top, shatterproof, and more. And, retailers don't have to "turn the can" to organize each product on shelves for consumers to see and shop. Significantly reduces in-store shrink.

Innovation and Taste
in Every Carton