High-Quality, Sustainable Co-Manufacturing

Expert partnership from concept to creation, we are here for you so you can be here for them.

Innovation in Every Step For Ease, Quality and Speed

Taste the Innovation

Our manufacturing process, upheld in BRC-AA rated facilities, guarantees unparalleled cleanliness and provides consumers and pets with the best tasting product that will live on their shelf for up to two years.

Using the advanced Tetra Recart technology, we ensure unmatched quality, food-safety, and sustainability in food packaging & manufacturing.

We create, test, pilot, store and ship.
So, you don't have to.

Advanced Technology-driven Production

3 facilities  – 315,000 sq. ft. 
State-of-the-art equipment and technology
7 production lines operating today
Computerized batching and manufacturing systems

Quality Control & Excellence

In Line X-Ray and check weight systems
Segregated raw material storage (GMPs)
Bio-security and allergen control
Lot tracking/code dating, etc.

Product Management

In addition to R&D, co-manufacturing, and co-packing, we handle many logistical elements such as ingredient sourcing, product storage and shipment.

Unmatched Speed, Innovation and Capacity